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Think-PLC is your ultimate source for automation consulting, field service, customized training, and full-service repair. We work directly with manufacturers, automation consultants, and operators on high-value control systems. OEM, Service, and control system conversion-focused solutions.

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Think-PLC is proud to employ some of the top technicians who have the experience and the training to repair high value PLC and VFD control systems. Whether you need existing systems repaired, re-designed or new products built, Think-PLC has you covered.

Need continued parts support for EOL (end-of-life) building automation controls? Our product repair program is right for you! Save ROI investment by increasing the life cycle of your BAS equipment well beyond the OEM (original equipment manufacturer) EOL date. The main benefit offered by OEM products is their price. Owing to economies of scale, OEM products significantly reduce the cost of production. Moreover, the company purchasing these products can use them to build systems without running their own factories.

What we do

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We understand that eventually your equipment will reach its end of life or have technical issues and need updates. Think-PLC offers technical support for proactive maintenance and cost-effective solutions to keep your equipment running. We saw the need and noticed that many OEM warranties and support agreements are expensive and, in many cases, do not meet your specific needs.

We want to help you maximize your infrastructure, prolong its life cycle, and be your reliable source for support and training. Think-PLC offers a wide range of services including, but not limited to, system consulting, specification, detailed design, and regulatory compliance serving a wide range of industrial markets. If your company or organization has implemented equipment from an original equipment manufacturer (OEM), Think-PLC is your ultimate service solution.


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We design, build, install, and service automated control systems for a variety of industries.
May 07 2022

Mach Spray 200ipm CNC

“The ultimate in high performance additive manufacturing” Software- Control: CNC – Gcode + converstaional programming CAM included – Sheetcam (DXF post)   Axis: 4 (optional, up to 8) Servo (Yaskawa)…

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