Brewhouse OEMs Are Struggling With High Costs

Rising costs for controls outsourced to China due to tariffs and shipping affect Brewhouse OEMs’ ability to provide for their customers. Along with the rising costs are delays from overseas logistics, leading to late deliveries. Think-PLC provides Brewhouse OEMs with brewing-focused controls design/build capabilities manufactured in the US at our 79,000 square foot facility with our advanced equipment.

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Responsive and Timely RFQs and Product Deliveries

Think-PLC has the internal engineering resources and processes for agility. We can turn around a quote within days of receiving an RFQ. Our build team can deliver finished panels in time to meet your demands.

Breweries Struggle With Downtime Due To Antiquated Systems and Controls With No Drawings

The Think-PLC team are experts in upgrading control systems, helping OEMs and end users get more life out of their systems while preventing days and weeks of downtime with high-quality and organized control systems.

“And really, you guys provide this level of being able to think outside of the box a little bit with the design and that was really captured with the catch robot that you guys did for our catch facility. And really, from there it made us think internally, why wouldn’t we use Think-PLC a little bit more.”

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Brewing Affordably


Our affordable build rates are a cost-effective solution for brewing industry manufacturers and end users.


OEMs deliver solutions to microbrewing customers who are financially self-reliant and have to take heavy considerations to their short-term financial obligations to keep their busy and livelihood afloat. Think-PLC works with OEMs to deliver high-quality control panels at an affordable price so OEMs can continue supporting their customers with systems that will help their brewing businesses thrive for the long haul.

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Tried And True Brewing Automation Software: Siemens BRAUMAT / SISTAR

At Think-PLC, we are experts in Siemens solutions, including BRAUMAT / SISTAR, the all-inclusive and affordable software solution for brewing operations:

– Need to change a process? There is no need to have PLC programming knowledge with visual programming via SCADA+.

– Runs brewhouses and ancillary equipment.

– All-inclusive software.

– 50+ year-old software that is tried and true in the brewing industry.

– We are experts at installing, integrating, and training on the software.

We Are Controls Experts That Know Brewing

Think-PLC owner and CEO Bobby Cole will be a guest speaker at multiple speaking events throughout 2024 at universities and industry conferences discussing brewing automation and entrepreneurship.

Bobby Cole - President - Think-PLC

About Our Controls Expertise


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Siemens Solution Partner: Factory Automation

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Siemens Solution Partner: Machine Tool Systems

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Design/build, build to print, and retrofits for control panels, CNC, PLCs, ASRS, and more. We are a premier Siemens Solution Partner and also integrate Allen-Bradley, Honeywell, and Schneider Electric.

Industrial Automation

Think-PLC stands out in the industrial automation sector with our unique approach of prioritizing control systems in our design process, setting us apart from traditional machine builders.


In-depth, hands-on training to help you get the greatest value out of new automation technologies and upgrades. We stay up to date with the latest technology and industry standards!