Who We Help

General contractors and end users wanting to implement automation solutions that align with a well-defined scope of work seeking a provider who can manage large, ensuring quality and adherence to the scope.

Businesses looking to establish a reliable partnership for their first foray into automation seeking a partner who can offer solutions and provide extensive support throughout the process.

FANUC and Controls Expertise

Our team has extensive experience with FANUC industrial robots and cobots, from simple robotic arms to complex automation solutions. This experience along with our controls expertise ensures that we can design, implement, and support FANUC integrations that perfectly match your operational needs, enhancing both speed and accuracy across your processes.

Industries & Applications

Think-PLC is a FANUC robotics systems integrator focusing on the following industries and applications:



Cold Storage

Dry Goods Warehousing

Food & Beverage

General Manufacturing

Light Manufacturing





Machine Tending




Robotic Case Packing

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Customized Solutions for Every Need

Whether you’re looking to automate assembly lines, improve material handling, or transform your packaging processes, Think-PLC’s FANUC integration services are designed to meet your specific challenges. We work closely with you to understand your objectives, developing solutions that not only meet today’s demands but also adapt to future growth.

Advanced Technology for Advanced Performance

FANUC offers some of the most advanced robotics technology in the industry, and with Think-PLC’s control first engineering, we harness this technology to your advantage. With feature options like vision systems, force sensing, and Run MyRobot, we ensure your FANUC robots are optimized for maximum performance and flexibility.

Seamless Integration, Comprehensive Support

Our approach to FANUC robotic integration is holistic, covering every aspect from initial planning to ongoing maintenance. We start our designs with controls and ensure a seamless integration into your existing systems with minimal disruption, backed by comprehensive support to keep your operations running smoothly.

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Why Partner with Think-PLC for FANUC Robotics?

Focused Expertise: Deep knowledge of FANUC systems and controls for targeted, effective solutions.

Custom Integration: Solutions tailored to your unique industry and operational needs.

Advanced Capabilities: Leverage FANUC’s latest robotics technology and our controls expertise for superior results.s.

End-to-End Service: From design and installation to support and training, we cover all bases.

Operational Excellence: Improve efficiency, quality, and safety, positioning your business for success.

And really, you guys provide this level of being able to think outside of the box a little bit with the design and that was really captured with the catch robot that you guys did for our catch facility. And really, from there it made us think internally, why wouldn’t we use Think-PLC a little bit more.

Conan Stoehr, Siemens
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