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We support OEMs, machine builders, system integrators, and end users seeking control engineering and design requiring system efficiency, minimized downtime, and advanced notification of system updates.

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Engineering the Control Center of Your Operations

At Think-PLC, industrial control panel design isn’t just about delivering blueprints; it’s about engineering the nerve center that drives your operations to new heights of efficiency and transformation. Our approach to the control panel design process centers on custom engineered solutions that are as unique as the operations they serve, ensuring that each system we create is the perfect fit for your specific application and industry requirements.


Our Design Engineering Team

Our extensive design engineering staff allows us to deliver designs for custom control panels in an efficient and timely manner for our partners. The depth of knowledge and expertise on our staff brings a wealth of experience to our engineered solutions to handle the most complex challenges with agility and precision.

Our design agility allows us to cater to a diverse array of applications, from automation and process control to complex machinery operation, while ensuring the electrical schematic, wiring routes, and control panel components are designed with quality and efficiency in mind.

“Bobby and the team there has absolutely done, I think, a great job designing the ancillary equipment behind all the Siemens control and drives. And you guys really are competitive with it. And the communication is good all around.”

Conan Stoehr, Siemens
“But for the most part, if it’s a random project out there I’m calling Bobby… I know that if Bobby works on the project, it’s going to be done and it will be done right.”
Ed Montgomery, Siemens
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