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Think-PLC: “Connecting the Dots” with Wes Hinshaw

Think-PLC has some impressive employees in its ranks. The Employee Spotlight series aims to highlight the talented individuals who work here.

Wes Hinshaw is the star of our first Employee Spotlight.

Quote by Wes Hinshaw

Wes has “connected the dots” in his personal and professional life over the past year. His hard work and determination have proven he has the drive to accomplish anything he sets his mind to. 

He took an interest in the automation industry while he was still in high school. Through mentorship and a self-starter attitude, he built an understanding of what it takes to work in a panel shop. By the time he graduated, he could wire panels and read schematics effortlessly.

He then took a full-time job in a panel shop and began taking classes at Davidson County Community College to earn a degree in Electronics Engineering. He takes initiative to learn and has worked his way to the role of Design Consultant on the Think-PLC design team. By applying what he’s learned to build and drawing upon (no pun intended) his knack for AutoCAD, he’s producing top-notch work with unparalleled speed and attention-to-detail.

Wes working on AutoCAD drawings for Think-PLC clients

Wes has automated Think-PLC’s OEM designs for organizational efficiency and consistency. His work on enhancing our documentation services has been a gamechanger. We can now serve our customers with quicker build processes and lower costs.

He has also connected dots on a personal level over this past year. He recently got married and bought a house, and takes meticulous care of his lawn. When he’s not mowing his grass or working on designs, he’s playing golf.

According to Bobby Cole, Think-PLC’s Founder and President, “We’ve been able to watch him grow into the professional he is today, and do it unlike any other.”

Wes supervising a Think-PLC panel build

One thought on “Think-PLC: “Connecting the Dots” with Wes Hinshaw

  1. This is great and is refreshing to hear that you followed your passion Wes! I wish you the best in your career and hope there are many birdies in your future on the course.

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