Legacy and OEM Solutions that Address the Current Market

Think PLC stands that Legacy equipment is deeply rooted in the manufacturing world and we understand that having the right partnership with a reliable service and automation company is important. Think PLC offers a wide range of services including but not limited to: system consulting, specification, detailed design, and regulatory compliance serving a wide range of industrial markets. If your company or organization has implemented equipment from an original equipment manufacturer (OEM), Think PLC is your ultimate service solution.

OEM Solutions Offered:

  • Extended Lifecycle Management with end-to-end solution integration,
    product transition management, and advanced end-to-end notification
  • Strategic partnerships for Training to provide
    value-added services and support
  • Premier Support Services driving predictability, innovation, value,
    and collaboration

We understand that eventually your equipment will reach its end of life, or have technical issues and need updates. Think PLC offers technical support or proactive maintenance,and cost-effective solutions to keep your equipment running.

We saw the need and noticed that Many OEM warranties and support agreements are expensive and in many cases do not meet your specific needs. We want to help you maximize your infrastructure, prolong its life cycle and be your reliable source for support and training.