“The ultimate in high performance additive manufacturing”


Control: CNC – Gcode + converstaional programming

CAM included – Sheetcam (DXF post)

Figure 1; cnc software running machine


Figure 2; sheet cam software in action converting dxf cad file to gcode with a couple clicks

Figure 3; sheet cam setup and settings

Axis: 4 (optional, up to 8) Servo (Yaskawa)

Speed: 0-200 inch/min

Power: 208-240v 50-60hz  23 FLA 3phase

Dispense/print area: 120” x 60”

Z motion (gantry) = 10”

Z Table motion = 45”

“Flexible automation designed for the production enviroment.  Enjoy selectible modes for continious operation.  Intutive interface for operators.  Quick load & unload of machine due to modular design.  Industrial strength.  Cycle and operations easily changed through onboard auotmation components”

“Ready to ship”

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