Support for Existing Systems

Think PLC is proud to employ some of the top technicians who have the experience and the training to repair high value PLC and VFD control systems.

Whether you need existing systems repaired, re-designed or new products built, Think PLC has got you covered.

Need continued parts support for EOL (end-of-life) building automation controls? Our product repair program is right for you! Save ROI investment by increasing the life-cycle of your BAS equipment well beyond the OEM (original equipment manufacturer) EOL date.

Why Choose Think PLC for your Automation Repair and Service:

  • Repair All Major Brands of Industrial Electronics and Drives
  • On-site PLC programming, machine repairs, equipment installations, and more.
  • We can construct any panel or system and complete the project with quality installation.
  • Review and upgrade your system with today’s more efficient and accurate equipment.
  • Can fully design, build, and install smarter solutions.
  • Fully equipped to program, install or update any brand of PLC’s.
  • Technicians available to travel to solve your problem.

Choose Think PLC as your trusted repair and service partner today! We offer a full suite of service and can be your one stop shop for custom automation controls, service and training.

We are proud to say that quality training and investing in our people is what makes Think PLC
Stand out above the rest! We stay ahead of the challenges that you are experiencing with your electronics and automation, so our team of consultants are always ready to take on the task of repairing your Industrial Electronic and Automation equipment and can take on even the toughest challenges.